• Asset

    Veracity Asset 2.0 API

  • Data API

  • Data Fabric Time Series API

    Veracity TimeSeries 1.0 API

  • Marketplace

    This API provides an interface to the Veracity marketplace at https://store.veracity.com.

    • Some notes about images: The _key attribute on the SanityImage and SanityReferenceOfSanityImageAsset models is not a unique key for the object, but rather a a new auto-generated GUID every time you call the API. For how to render images, see https://www.sanity.io/docs/presenting-images
  • Provision API

  • veracity-myservices V3

    To access the service use https://api.veracity.com/Veracity/Services/V3. Access to https://myapiv3.dnvgl.com will be blocked January 2020.

    The Service API provides a consistent interface for accessing data about the user, as well as the Veracity platform in general. At its core is a REST service built up of "view - points" where you can read, write and update information. Authentication is handled through Azure B2C OAuth 2.

    Build version: 2020.09.16.1.

    Veracity is designed to help companies unlock, qualify, combine and prepare data for analytics and benchmarking. Veracity will give you access to industrial applications and data analytics services that can help you make better use of your data to optimize your operations. Here you can combine your own data with other data sets available for purchase or subscription, to create new insights or solutions.

    Note that the Discover endpoints are moving to Directory. For this release they are hidden from the swagger document, but Discover will be removed completely at a later stage.